SEO Basics for Your Website

seo basics

This is course is all about basic SEO principles. By the end of it, you will be able to:

understand and explain what SEO is and how search engines function

identify keywords for your business and check to see if people are actually searching for those terms

incorporate those key terms into the copy on your site

use a plugin to help you in creating searchable content

use my SEO in Ten Minutes Process to optimize every blog post quickly and easily

 check your site’s speed and security and know what changes to make to increase your SEO

submit a sitemap to Google so you can get found

This course will NOT make you an expert in SEO or prep you to launch an SEO consulting biz!!!

It will give you some foundational steps that you can utilize every time you write a blog post or add copy to your site that will help search engines know that your site is out there and provide useful content for people who are searching for whatever it is that you provide.


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Estimated Time: 1-3 hours; Price: $47

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Amy Isaman Author

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